The smart choice for businesses demanding agility and speed

Faster time to market. Lower operating costs. Scaling services up or down as needed. Massive processing power. Easier collaboration. Greater agility. Dozens of good reasons explain the appeal of cloud technology to your business. While you understand the benefits, the implementation presents the real challenge. What services should you migrate? What vendors should you choose? Which strategy pairs best to achieve your business outcomes? PCS helps businesses design and implement smart cloud strategies that can answer those questions.


Public Cloud

Public cloud delivers the storage space, bandwidth, and processing power you need only when you need it. This flexible and cost-effective option allows companies to quickly scale up or down based on their immediate needs. This is often configured as a pay-as-you-grow model.

Private Cloud

Unlike public cloud solutions that are off-site and managed by a third-party, private cloud is managed on-site by your own IT department. This allows for maximum security to meet regulatory or compliance requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

A common hybrid cloud solution deploys an on-site private cloud to keep important data more secure while using an off-site public cloud for web hosting and collaboration purposes. This type of cloud computing environment can be as unique as your business and its needs.