Data Centers & Virtualization

The speed of change is transforming the enterprise nerve center

Yes, some data centers are still big rooms full of equipment that your IT team services and controls. But building out a center no longer requires carving out on-premises real estate that has to be powered, cooled, and maintained. Cloud technology allows virtualized centers to add storage or processing capacity but without the need to install or buy expensive hardware. This is good news for businesses who find themselves facing a data tsunami and costly options for processing, storing, managing, and archiving all this information. Virtualization removes the constraints and capital costs of a physical location, leaving your business more agile and better able to scale up or down on demand.

Whether servers are housed on-premises or in the cloud, your business must be assured of fast, reliable, safe deployment. You need on-demand compute power to match the big data eruption.

servers and data center

The volume of data your business must manage has exploded. You need infrastructure that can capture, store, and archive massive amounts of data, while still keeping it readily accessible.


Lower your facility, power, cooling, and hardware costs for a greener operation. Virtualization keeps your business agile, allowing you to command data processing and storage power as needed.

servers and virtualization
Backup & Recovery

Data is your lifeblood. Backup and recovery plans cover you when disaster strikes. Whether you’re hit by a hurricane or cybercrime, you need a recovery plan to keep your business up and running.