Today, every business is a mobile business

With smartphones, laptops, and tablets you and your employees carry amazing amounts of computing power everywhere you go. That mobility has revolutionized work habits, customer expectations, and the speed at which business is done. Mobility is so ingrained in our lives that we hardly even think about it. As a business, you must think about wireless coverage, both inside the office and out. Employee and customer expectations come into play as you ensure a seamless mobile experience for all of your end users.

As employers insist and employees demand to use personal devices at work, this creates serious challenges for data security and privacy. PCS helps you mitigate these risks through required hardware and OS version updates, encryption and password enforcement, compromised or lost device detection, location services, and application control.

Remote Working

Businesses see the usefulness of their teams being able to work anywhere, at any time, using any device. Yet that means enabling access to applications, data, and collaboration tools. This requires a plan to be mobility-ready, with easy connectivity, while still providing high levels of security to protect sensitive and proprietary data.

Device Security

IT can no longer control every device that accesses the business network. Enforced BYOD policies address part of this issue, but other issues remain. Your business needs to create standards that address device verification, and encryption, as well as implement least privilege access, controls for end-users.