“Been there, done that.” The words every tech buyer wants to hear.

Committed to finding solutions for your unique needs and challenges.

Technology is no small investment. You want assurance that the vendor you choose knows what they’re doing. You want tangible proof of their experience in your field, and confidence they can handle your specific project type. That deep well of expertise is exactly what PCS offers in these sectors.

K-12 Education

Students, teachers, and administrators are all having to navigate an increasingly connected world. This means more devices, connecting and communicating across networks, both on campus and off. You need tech advisors that understand how to ensure always-on communications cost-effectively, and how to navigate the E-Rate Program.

Higher Education

Today’s campuses lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s breakthroughs, by educating the next wave of business professionals or empowering research for the next great discovery. Technology underpins those innovations. Look for a tech team that can deliver unified communications and web-based environments that engage students, professors, and researchers.


State and local governments often struggle to keep pace with business and industry when it comes to tech innovation. As public institutions, answerable to their constituents and legislative bodies, they must balance cost concerns with projects for the greater good. PCS helps governments maintain that balance and battle real-time cybersecurity threats.


The healthcare sector presents a unique set of challenges. Healthcare teams need assurance that critical communications between staff will be fast and secure. They want smooth workflows that deliver better patient outcomes. Administrative teams look for partners that can assure HIPAA compliance and data security between their legacy systems and modern solutions.


In this mature market, technology supports two almost opposing roles: create a seamless customer experience across every channel and enforce regulatory compliance and security. This sector needs partners who can successfully walk that line, while also enabling a more remote and mobile workforce.

retail industries


Customer demands have changed. They want what they want when they want it, where they want it. Retailers have responded by offering omnichannel, personalized experiences that drive customer engagement. PCS helps retailers stay agile enough to shift with changing demands and powerful enough to capture and learn from the insights provided through big data.


Every business is now a global business. That’s especially true for manufacturing. The wise use of tech is often the only difference between a business that succeeds and one that fails. Manufacturers apply technology to their sourcing, supply chain, and logistics functions. While IoT and automation factor into streamlined operations and productivity gains.

manufacturing industries
transportation industries


Managing local, regional, and statewide transportation systems is like conducting an orchestra—lots of moving parts that must be synchronized to deliver the desired outcome. Security, efficiency, scalability, and cost control are your top concerns. PCS can help you create a tech solution that meets those goals.


In hospitality, competition for leisure and business travel dollars is fierce. Consumers demand superior service and easy transactions. PCS helps you create tech solutions that make your guests happy and gather data to make the customer experience even better. We also enable unified communications between your staff—from management to maintenance and more.