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As technology becomes integral to corporate strategy, the role of CIOs is evolving into a beacon for change and tech-driven transformation. However, maximizing returns from tech investments and using them to drive innovation remains challenging. PCS assists organizations in leveraging technology and innovation, shaping their tech visions, managing digital transformations, and redefining businesses to derive sustainable value from their tech investments.

NetworkingThe support structure that keeps your business connected

Your network forms the backbone of your business. It supports the users and apps that drive what you do. It connects your employees and clients. It also connects your past, in the form of legacy systems and hardware, to your future, with a flexible architecture that can absorb emerging technologies and higher bandwidth demands.

Cloud – The smart choice for businesses demanding agility and speed

Faster time to market. Lower operating costs. Scaling services up or down as needed. Massive processing power. Easier collaboration. Greater agility. Dozens of good reasons explain the appeal of cloud technology to your business. While you understand the benefits, the implementation presents a real challenge. What services should you migrate? What vendors should you choose? Which strategy pairs best to achieve your business outcomes? PCS helps businesses design and implement smart strategies that can answer those questions.

Security – Security is not a product, it’s a process

Technology makes it easier for customers to reach your business, for employees to connect from anywhere, and for team members to innovate. But the more open your business systems are, the more entry points there are for threats to penetrate.

The threat landscape is complex, but your solution doesn’t have to be. Security must be considered for every business operation, not to seal off your business, but to make open connections and collaborations safe for everyone.

PCS can help you protect your networks, implement industry standards, follow best practices, and reduce attack surfaces.

Mobility and BYOD – Today, every business is a mobile business

With smartphones, laptops, and tablets you and your employees carry amazing amounts of computing power everywhere you go. That mobility has revolutionized work habits, customer expectations, and the speed at which business is done. Mobility is so ingrained in our lives that we hardly even think about it. As a business, you must think about wireless coverage, both inside the office and out. Employee and customer expectations come into play as you ensure a seamless mobile experience for all of your end users.

Unified Communications – See, hear, and feel the difference

Today’s business communications cover a wide spectrum—landlines, smartphones, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and text messages. Through these tools, you’ve been able to share more, collaborate more, and innovate more. Unifying these tools amplifies their power to transform your business through greater efficiency, better customer service, and stronger connections.

Data Centers & Virtualization – The speed of change is transforming the enterprise nerve center

Yes, some data centers are still big rooms full of equipment that your IT team services and controls. But building out a center no longer requires carving out on-premises real estate that has to be powered, cooled, and maintained. Cloud technology allows virtualized centers to add storage or processing capacity without the need to install or buy expensive hardware. This is good news for businesses who find themselves facing a data tsunami and costly options for processing, storing, managing, and archiving all this information. Virtualization removes the constraints and capital costs of a physical location, leaving your business more agile and better able to scale up or down on demand.