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Maximizing Efficiency & Functionality With Network Automation

By PCS | 2 November 2023

As technology improves, we are relying more on network automation. The robot that vacuums your floors, the steering wheel that can drive the car for you, or even your computer, which runs security checks periodically to ensure the safety of your machine—these are all automated tasks that take place on a network. Automation is everywhere, so it’s no surprise that more companies are turning to software applications to automate daily networking and security tasks. Let’s explore how network automation can be an asset to your business and why it’s an option you should consider. 

What Are The Benefits of Automation?

The short answer is: what aren’t the benefits? The primary purpose of network automation is two-fold: to maximize a network’s efficiency and functionality. With automation, manual tasks can be completed through software applications promptly on a regularly scheduled basis. Other benefits of network automation include:

  • Increased network security
  • Increased network stability
  • Supports all of your network services with just one protocol
  • Accelerating time-to-service
  • Traffic isolation with hyper-segmentation that prevents lateral movements
  • Functionality over third-party IP networks 

There is also the added benefit of accuracy. Network automation can help decrease or eliminate human errors that come with completing tasks manually. Integrating more automated tasks improves overall functionality, and the end-user experience, and allows employees to dedicate more time to other assignments and duties within the organization.

Implementing Network Automation

Network automation implementation happens through software, such as Extreme Fabric Connect, which creates an agile, flexible network infrastructure that deploys applications 31 times faster due to its automation capabilities. With automation, the network infrastructure becomes completely self-forming and self-provisioning.

Furthermore, the network’s security increases by eliminating factors that increase vulnerability like back-door entry points. Fabric Connect can also detect and isolate insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices to prevent them from causing your network harm.

Why Choose PCS?

PCS is well-versed in products offered by Extreme Networks, Cisco, Aerohive, HPE, Fortinet, and many others. Our team is made of highly skilled, certified professionals who can analyze your network and know exactly what it needs to excel. The goal at PCS is to simplify technology with creative solutions that fit your company’s unique needs.

If You’re Considering Automating Your Network, You Need PCS

As more companies turn to automation to improve their day-to-day operations, we encourage you to contact PCS to learn more about automating your network. By eliminating the complexity of protocols onto a one-control plane, your company will reap the benefits of an optimized, more resilient network.